Designing an LX solution
for THE magistracy

This master's program in data science, developed in partnership with one of the best universities in Eastern Europe, provides comprehensive training, taking students from beginner to mid-level specialists. 


Our team was tasked with developing a training program for specialists in demand in the labor market. The main goal was to balance student-centered learning with problem-based learning, while also meeting the academic requirements for a master's degree. 


By combining instructional design methodologies with product management approaches, I was able to break down a solution into smaller tasks while maintaining structure and creativity.

Here's a list of project tasks that I managed and completed:

As the leader of the LX team, I scaled an algorithm that led to the creation of two successful master's programs. My facilitation was instrumental in achieving this outcome.


Students were required to work on real-world problems with mentor support and complete a final project based on their internships. The Master's program consisted of classical semesters and disciplines, but also we emphasized practical events every semester.

The course was entirely online, supported by a respected university, and taught by seasoned professionals from leading companies in the field. We maintained high standards when hiring subject-matter experts to ensure a true problem-based approach.

For a brief program overview, please visit the following link.


The success of the program is confirmed by the fact that more than 500 students applied, and over 100 attended and paid for their education despite its high cost ($10,000+).

Thanks to the admission process, the program was able to attract students with the necessary capabilities to achieve results, realistic expectations, and a high level of motivation.


We were pioneers in creating such programs through a powerful collaboration with a prestigious university, top industry companies, and a prominent Edtech company.

I gained the confidence and skills to develop ambitious projects from scratch, as well as master effective product and project management. As a learning experience designer, I learned to balance the needs of individual students with the demands of the job market and business benefits.