Hi, I'm Anna Saklakova

I design an experience that provides equal value for both learners and businesses.

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"We began working under very tight deadlines, and Anna quickly joined the project and proposed solutions that helped us meet those deadlines. I believe that Anna can strike a balance between the interests of the students and the business tasks at hand.”

Katerina Kauer,
product manager at Skillfactory

“We worked with Anna to create courses for high school students and teachers. I was impressed with her ability to handle various tasks with expertise and professionalism. Furthermore, her exceptional interpersonal skills made working with Anna both productive and enjoyable.”

Margarita Klebanova,
content development manager at Think

“Anna is highly skilled in learning experience design. She demonstrates exceptional abilities in problem-solving with creativity, as well as in implementing and scaling solutions. I am also impressed by how Anna makes data-driven decisions and can clearly explain them.”

Yana Mezentseva,
project manager at SkillFactory